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Four different suppliers of Sodium Dichloroacetate have been tested for toxic substances and other impurities. Chemical analysis results conclude that the purest Sodium Dichloroacetate is DCA-LAB. Products with the highest amounts of impurities are PureDCA and PharmaDCA, latter having the highest amount of toxic substances.


Sodium Dichloroacetate samples of four different suppliers examined:

Brand Company Product Lot/Batch number Expiration date
DCA-LAB Curaltus Ltd 25 gr. DCA Powder Lot No: D16-C1-2/25 March, 2018
Sigma-Aldrich Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH 10 gr. DCA Powder LOT# STBD9074V -
Pharma DCA A.W.P. Ltd 20 gr. DCA Powder Batch No 01780 November, 2017
Pure DCA / theDCAstore - 20 gr. DCA Powder LOT: 72641 September, 2016


Anionic dichloroacetate composition measured using Ionic chromatograph.

590 mg of DCA powder is dissolved in 1 lliter of distilled water (H2O conductivity - 5 mkS). Thus obtained solutions, each contained 590 mg/l sodium dichloroacetate, equivalent to 500 mg of dichloroacetate anion in 1 liter of water.

Prepared solutions (590 mg/l) examined using ionic chromatograph through an anionic column. The column and detector standardly calibrated for fluoride, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, phosphate, sulfate anions, additionally calibrated for dichloroacetate (Cl2CH-COO-), monochloroacetate (ClCH2-COO-), glyoxylate (OCH-COO-) for anions and identification peaks determined other potential impurities: glycolate (HOCH2-COO-), oxalate (-OOC-COO-) anions.

Results are presented in the table ranked from best to worst:

Rank Brand Dichloroacetae
concentracion, mg/l
anion, mg/l
anion, mg/l
anion, mg/l
Glycolate anion Oxalate anion Chloride anion
1 DCA-LAB 590 500.93 0.09 - - Traces Traces
2 Sigma-Aldrich 590 501.09 0.35 - - Traces Traces
3 Pure DCA 590 446.85 0.36 0.21 Visible peak Visible peak Visible peak
4 Pharma DCA 590 484.26 1.40 - - Visible peak Visible peak

Note: Chloride anion gives a peak of 0,45 µS with a standalone water sample, it is not assessed quantitatively; it is certain that Sigma Aldrich and DCA-LAB products have an insignificant amount of chloride anion.

Anion chromatography charts of every product:
Pure DCA
Pharma DCA


Volatile halogenated hydrocarbons (Determination of highly volatile halogenated hydrocarbon) of DCA solution measured with HS-GC chromatograph.

590 mg of DCA powder is dissolved in 1 lliter of distilled water (H2O conductivity - 5 mkS). 5 ml of the obtained solution is diluted  to 500 ml (100 times), resulting in solution that contains 5,9 mg/l of sodium dichloroacetate, which is equivalent to 5 mg dichloroacetate anions in 1 liter of water.

Prepared DCA solutions (5,9 mg/l) are examined via HS-GC method, heating the solution at  90 oC temperature. This method allows to precisely examine the amount of dissolved halogenated hydrocarbons in an aqueous solution: chloroform, bromdichlormetan, chlordibrommetan, bromoform, trichloreten, tetrachloreten, at a concentration between 0.1 μg/l and 2 μg /l.

The results are presented in the table ranked from best to worst:

Rank Brand Dichloroacetae
concentracion, mg/l
Chloroform, µg/l Bromodichloromethane, µg/l Chlorodibromomethane, µg/l Bromoform, µg/l Trichloroethene, µg/l Tetrachloroethene, µg/l
  Distilled water 0 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10
1 DCA-LAB 5,9 0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10
2 Pure DCA 5,9 0.13 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10
3 Sigma-Aldrich 5,9 0.46 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10
4 Pharma DCA 5,9 0.63 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10 <0.10

HS-GC charts of every product:
Pure water
Pure DCA
Pharma DCA


Summarized results of the Anionic chromatography and HS-GC (Headspace Gas chromatography) presented in the table ranked from best to worst. Table displays dichloroacetate amount (%) and amounts of measured impurities: toxic monochloroacetate (ppM), toxic chloroform (ppM) and other impurities (glycolate, glyoxilate, oxalate, chloride) and H2O amount (%). Visual evidence of mechanical impurities is assessed.

Rank Brand DCA amount
advertised, %
DCA amount
determined, %
anion amount, ppM
amount, ppM
Other impurities
+ H2O, %
1 DCA-LAB 99 99,98 153 17 0,00 Traces
2 Sigma-Aldrich 98 99,93 593 78 0,00 Traces
3 Pure DCA 99 89,35 610 22 10.58 Strongly noticealbe
4 Pharma DCA 99 96,83 2373 107 2.92 Strongly noticealbe


  1. Sodium Dichloroacetate from DCA-LAB and Sigma-Aldrich matches parameters advertised by the supplier.
  2. Sodium Dichloroacetate from PureDCA and PharmaDCA do not match advertised parameters.
  3. Purest Sodium Dichloroacetate is DCA-LAB.
  4. Sodium Dichloroacetate with most impurities is from PureDCA and PharmaDCA.
  5. Sodium Dichoroacetate from PharmaDCA has highest amounts of toxic substances.