Pharma DCA review

United Kingdom
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PharmaDCA is an online shop operated by a company A.W.P. Ltd., located in the United Kingdom. In their website the company claims to be worlds largest Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) supplier, however, these claims are questionable at least, currently we found no evidence to support this.

The company sells Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) in powder and capsule form. It offers 333mg and 500mg types of capsules and a lot of package size options both for powder and capsules. You can also buy Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), which is a good supplement to avoid DCA side effects. The prices are pretty good but not the best.

Shipping is free and is done via regular post, no express shipping option is offered. E-shop accepts Paypal payments.

In the study we have made, PharmaDCA's Sodium Dichloroacetate turned out to be the worst of the tested suppliers. In their website the company claims that the DCA they sell is 99% pure but according to our tests that is not the case - the DCA is only 96.83% pure. It contains 0.28% of toxic Chloroacetate (Monochloroacetate), which is a high amount, and 2.92% of other impurities, most of it is just water. There are strongly noticeable mechanical impurities in their product.

In conclusion, PharmaDCA is an online shop with a decent prices and a good choice of products but the quality of their Sodium Dichloroacetate is the worst of the tested suppliers - it doesn't match advertised parameters and contains quite a high amount of toxic substances.