DCA-LAB review

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DCA-LAB is an online shop operated by a company Curaltus Ltd., located in Lithuania. All the details about the company and contact data are present in the website. The company manufactures DCA in it's own laboratory, it also operates as a wholesale DCA vendor. The Company provides Certificate of Analysis of their products.

The company sells Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) in powder and capsule form. There are 333mg and 500mg capsule options and a wide variety of package sizes. In addition to DCA, the online shop offers a range of supplements - Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These supplements are recommended to avoid DCA side effects. You can also buy DCA plus Thiamine kits there. The prices of their products are lowest of all the reviewed online shops.

E-shop offers free shipping via regular post. For an additional fee you can choose express shipping via DHL Express. Unfortunately, express shipping option is available only for European Union countries and the United States. E-shop accepts Paypal payments, customers can also pay by making a direct bank transfer. E-shop is intuitive and easy to use, the checkout process is very simple and it leaves a very pleasant overall impression.

In the study we have made, DCA-LAB's product proved to be the best of all the tested suppliers. It is both the most pure and contains the least amount of toxic substances. The company claims that Sodium Dichloroacetate they sell is >99.9% pure, actually it is even better - 99.98% pure. It contains only 0.02% of toxic Monochloroacetate, which is an excellent result, and almost undetectable amounts of the other impurities.

In conclusion, DCA-LAB is a Sodium Dichloroacetate supplier we can recommend. It offers the best quality product, has the lowest prices and, on top of that, does not charge for shipping.