Pure DCA review

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PureDCA is an online shop selling Sodium Dichloroaceate, operated by an unknown company located in North America. It is unclear if they are from USA or Canada. It is the only reviewed supplier that promotes Sodium Dichloroacetate as an anti-cancer drug, probably, that is why PureDCA hides their location and company name.

The company's website provides a lot of information about DCA usage and dosage. Yet it has a lot of exaggerated or false statements. The company claims that they are the only supplier that provides support to their customers and other suppliers won't answer emails or phone calls. This is obviously not true.

The company sells Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) in powder and capsule form. Package sizes are rather limited - from 20g to 100g when purchasing powder. The only one option when purchasing capsules - 60 pcs 333mg capsules. E-shop also offers Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which is a good supplement to avoid DCA side effects. You can also purchase DCA and Thiamine kit there. The prices are higher than average compared to other online shops.

The company ships their products via regular post and also offers express shipping yet both shipping options are rather expensive. E-shop accepts Paypal payments.

In the study we have made, PureDCA's Sodium Dichloroacetate turned out to be average quality, it took third place of four tested suppliers. The company claims that the DCA they sell is pharmaceutical grade and 99% pure but the laboratory test, we have made proved, that it is only 89.35% pure. It contains 0.07% of toxic Monochloroacetate, which is not such a bad result, but it also has 10.58% of other impurities, most of which is just water. This means that the DCA is not dried or stored in the right way. Also, it means that there is 10% less of actual Sodium Dichloroacetate in every bottle you purchase.

In conclusion, PureDCA is a quite expensive Sodium Dichloroacetate vendor, the DCA they sell is of acceptable quality, yet it doesn't match advertised parameters due to the high amount of moisture in their product.