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Dichloroacetetic acid (DCA) - the description, the structure and the origins.
One of the most interesting questions answered. How cancer cells act differently ? How DCA affects cancer ? Why DCA is a good anticancer medication ? What positive improvements people can expect ?
How to dose DCA ? When to take it ? What are the routines for DCA usage ? Check out the best DCA dosing calculator online!
A complete detailed guide on DCA dosage and usage. It contains loads of examples on how to dose Sodium dichloroacetate for cancer treatment, when you should take supplements and what your daily schedule could look like.
Is Sodium Dichloroacetate safe ? What are the possible adverse reactions ? Needless to say, everybody should become acquainted with the potential side effects of any medication to better prevent them.
These are the proper supplementation, usage methods to help avoid adverse reactions and to make your DCA administration experience as sound as possible.
History of Sodium Dichloroacetate. What it was used for, how it was rediscovered and what purpose does it serve these days?
Scientific articles, papers and clinical trials which examine Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA)  as an anti-cancer agent.