DCA safety and side effects

Dichloroacetate is considered to be an exceptionally safe way of dealing with cancer. There have been no cases recorded for DCA to be a cause of death.

Notably, we must bare in mind that sodium dicholoroacetate has been already used for treating Lactic acidosis in children with congenital mitochondrial defects for some time. Its safety and secondary actions have been long observed before the recent findings that DCA could be applied to help treat cancer.

On the other hand, we can not assume that this medicine has no additional effect in the body, provided the fact that a drug with no adverse reactions, simply, does not exist.

Dichloroacetate can cause none, mild or moderate side effects.
(All are dose dependent and reversible once DCA intake is stopped.)

▪ Peripheral neuropathy,
▪ Tremor,
▪ Fatigue,
▪ Numbness,
▪ Confusion.

All of the above symptoms are reversible and can be reduced with use of dietary supplements such as:
1) Vitamin B1 supplements (etc. Benfotiamine),
2) Alpha Lipoic acid,
3) L-Carnitine.

Below you can find a list of adverse reactions which appear rarely:
▪ Heartburn,
▪ Nausea,
▪ Increased tumour pain (temporary. Mostly, indicates that DCA therapy is effective).