Lecture on DCA Therapy

[Video] Khan Hippocrates Lecture on DCA Therapy

21 November 2016
Dr. Akbar Khan the medical director at Medicor Cancer Centre gives an excellent lecture on DCA Therapy based on his experience treating patients with Sodium Dichloroacetate.
Brain cancer MRI

Potential Glioblastoma cure with the help of DCA

5 November 2016
Glioblastoma is known to be an aggressive form of brain cancer with high resistance to cell death and poor response to existing healing methods. All of this leaves us keen on exploring new treatment possibilities.

Neuroblastoma growth inhibition by Dichloroacetate

11 October 2016
For some time it was thought that DCA should most likely be ineffective against neuroblastoma, however, a recent study proved otherwise and its discoveries brought to light relatively unexpected results.