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Website: www.certifieddca.com

Country: Canada


CertifiedDCA is an online shop operated by an unknown company, located in Canada. There are no company details or contact information provided. The only method of contacting them is by filling an online form.

This vendor is the most simple of all reviewed suppliers, offering only one product option – 100g Sodium Dichloroacetate powder. Their price is one of the highest among all DCA suppliers. There’s only one shipping option, which is also very costly. The seller accepts only Paypal payment.

We have not tested CertifiedDCA’s product, we can not comment on it’s quality. The company claims they have contracted a major pharmaceutical company to develop a proprietary method of manufacturing the most pure form of DCA. However, there are no details provided about this company, so these claims can’t be verified.

The company also states that each batch of DCA is tested by a third party government certified lab, but again, there is no objective information about this lab they provide no certificate of analysis, so we have doubts whether these claims are true.

In conclusion, CertifiedDCA is a simple online shop that offers only one product at a high price and the quality of their Sodium Dichloroacetate is unknown.