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Website: www.sigmaaldrich.com

Country: Germany


Sigma-Aldrich is a leading life science and high technology company whose chemical products and services are used in scientific research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and as key components in high technology manufacturing. Sigma-Aldrich customers include more than 1.3 million scientists and technologists in life science companies, universities and government institutions, hospitals and industry. The Company operates in 35 countries and has nearly 9,000 employees with the objective to provide excellent services worldwide.

Sigma-Aldrich is a large international conglomerate and is orientated to B2B (business to business) interactions. The company focuses on a large spectrum of different substances rather than just one specific product. You can’t buy Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) directly from the company’s website. If you send them an inquiry, you get redirected to a local representative. Not all local representatives sell chemicals to private customers, and even if they do, you have to wait a couple of weeks or even months for the local Sigma-Aldrich representative to receive DCA and get a deal for you. That makes Sigma-Aldrich very different from other reviewed suppliers.

The company offers DCA only in powder form and only in two packages – 10g and 50g. The prices are more than twice expensive compared to the other suppliers.

In the conducted study, the company’s Sodium Dichloroacetate, which is made in Germany, proved to be very good quality, they took the second place for the highest purity of the tested suppliers. The company claims that their product is 98% pure, in our test it proved to be 99.93% pure. Reason for this might be that the 2% impurity was ethanol, which evaporated, or the specific batch was of better quality.

In conclusion, Sigma-Aldrich provides excellent quality Sodium Dichloroacetate, but it will take a long time to acquire their product and it will cost significantly more compared to other suppliers.