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Website: www.dcalab.com

Country: Lithuania, United Stated, Canada


DCA-LAB is an online shop operated by a company Curaltus Ltd., located in Lithuania, their products are stored and shipped from warehouses in United States and Canada. All the details about the company and contact data are present in the website. The company manufactures DCA in it’s own laboratory. The Company provides Certificate of Analysis on every batch of their products.

The company sells Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) in powder and capsule form. 333mg and 500mg capsule options and a wide variety of package sizes are available. The prices of their products are lowest of all the reviewed online shops.

DCA-LAB offers Free worldwide shipping via regular post. For an additional fee you can choose express shipping via DHL Express. Express shipping option is available to almost any country in the world. Products are shipped from 3 different warehouses in European Union, Canada and United States, this ensures quick delivery and no custom fees. Paypal payments, Credit/Debit card payments and Direct Bank Transfers are accepted. The website is intuitive and easy to use. Checkout process is simple.

During the conducted laboratory tests, DCA-LAB’s product proved to be the best of all the tested samples. Product is the most pure and contains the least amount of toxic substances. The company claims that Sodium Dichloroacetate they sell is >99.9% pure, actually it is even better – 99.98% pure.

In conclusion, DCA-LAB is a Sodium Dichloroacetate supplier we can recommend. Exceptional quality product, great pricing and free shipping.

Sodium Dichloroacetate made by DCA LAB was used in a pilot trial:
“Patients were given extensive explanation on the details of the trial, which used freely obtainable agents (Curaltus Ltd, Lithuania). The study was approved by an internal ethical committee, and all patients signed an informed consent form.”
Information about the trial

Sodium Dichloroacetate from DCA LAB used in a clinical trial:
“The drug will be provided in capsules containing 333 mg or 500 mg of DCA powder (Curaltus Ltd, Lithuania). Participants will be required to take between two to six capsules orally a day depending on the dose calculated using their body weight. The drug will be dispensed on day 1 of treatment and resupplied if needed at each visit during week 2, 6 and 8. Sufficient amount of drug will be provided to last until the next visit or end of study.”
Dichloroacetate as a possible treatment for endometriosis-associated pain: a single-arm open-label exploratory clinical trial (EPiC)