Q: Good Day, my Aunt has stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis. She is 5’7 and is weighing 140 pounds. Do you recommend starting DCA treatment and if so what dose should she take? Thank you. Isabel.

A: Dear Isabel,
thank you for your question. DCA therapy can help in almost every case of cancer, with varying degrees of success. The majority of people experience improvement in their symptoms, some have their disease stabilized and live without further cancer progression, and some even achieve remission thus remaining cancer-free. Nevertheless, stage IV colon cancer means that the tumors have spread in the body, this could make the treatment more difficult.
Despite that, a clinical case published by Dr. A. Khan displays that DCA can be great for treating advanced colon cancer even when traditional medical treatments fail. You can read the study here: Long-term stabilization of stage 4 colon cancer using sodium dichloroacetate therapy.
In the example of this 57-year-old woman, the stage IV colon cancer was stabilized with the help of Sodium dichloroacetate therapy and did not progress. It also did not cause any serious toxicity in the period of 4 years. The female remained highly functional and could continue running her own business, which proves that DCA treatment can be less debilitating than traditional chemotherapy.
We could go on and on about the potential benefits of the Sodium dichloroacetate. To answer your question, we would recommend your aunt trying DCA. She can take it as a single treatment or combine it with the traditional chemotherapy (5-fluorouracil, oxaliplatin or irinotecan etc.) or immunotherapy (Avastin/bevacizumab).
You can take DCA with Avastin without taking any breaks. However, when you‘re receiving chemotherapy – please make a two day break from DCA and Alpha-lipoic acid before getting chemotherapy and a three day break after receiving chemotherapy. Afterwards you can resume to taking the DCA protocol as usual.

For your aunt, weighing 140 lbs, she should begin with 12,5 mg / kg a day. Take it for two weeks then do a one week break. This would mean that she takes one of the following:
1) 800 mg of DCA powder, 2) two 333 mg capsules with breakfast and one 333 mg capsule with dinner, 3) one 500 mg capsule with breakfast and one 500 mg capsule with dinner. If she tolerates DCA without any problems, she can move up to taking 25 mg / kg a day. Take it for two weeks, then take a week off. Repeat the cycles. Take one of the following:
1) 1600 mg of DCA powder, 2) three 333 mg capsules with breakfast and two 333 mg capsules with dinner, 3) two 500 mg capsules with breakfast and one 500 mg capsule with dinner. Don‘t forget to take the advice and supplements we describe here. Don’t forget to take Vitamin B1 and Alpha-Lipoic acid with DCA just like we described. From our experience, we can tell that this is the biggest mistake some people tend to make. Here is an article on that: https://www.dcaguide.org/methods-and-supplements-for-preventing-dca-side-effects.

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