Q: Hello. Can I take DCA while getting chemotherapy? I get 140mg of Abraxane per week for breast cancer. Maricel

A: Dear Maricel,
Thank you for your question. Yes, you can try taking Abraxane or Paclitaxel with DCA on the following conditions:

• You currently do not suffer from pre-existing neuropathy, especially the one that was caused by previous chemotherapy,
• You take a 3 day break from DCA and Alpha-lipoic acid before Abraxane or Paclitaxel injection,
• You should resume DCA and Alpha-lipoic acid not sooner than 4 days after your last chemotherapy infusion,
• You should resume your daily Vitamin B supplementation as soon as you’re released from the healthcare setting,

There are studies, which prove that Sodium dichloroacetate can reverse the mitochondrial damage as well as dysfunction in Paclitaxel treated cancer cells. This reverses Abraxane/Paclitaxel drug resistance and makes the chemotherapy work more efficiently. On top of that, DCA itself causes apoptosis (natural cell death) in cancer, therefore, you receive a combined effect.
You can see a comparison made by researchers that observed how well 1) Paclitaxel, 2) DCA and 3) Paclitaxel + DCA work on mice tumors below.
(In vivo growth of tumors in mice treated with DCA alone or in combination with paclitaxel.)
You can also find the study on DCA + Paclitaxel in the following link: Dichloroacetate restores drug sensitivity in paclitaxel-resistant cells by inducing citric acid accumulation.

Hope you find this information useful,
DCA Guide

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