[Видео] Репортаж Global News о DCA

DCA researchers say their findings are "proof in principle" that this treatment approach works. ‘’That was the biggest challenge in the beginning: no industry support, no clinical applications,” explained Dr. Evangelos Michelakis. Nevertheless, with the generous support of potential donors and the work of the scientific community, anything can happen. Watch the short TV report aired previously in Canada.

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DCA и раковая меланома длительная ремиссия и стабилизация (презентация случая)

A success story based on a recent clinical observational study done in Canada. This time a young man with BRAF-positive, stage III recurrent melanoma, which failed to respond to a handful conventional treatments, managed to control his skin cancer with the help of DCA. Learn more about how he continued living a normal life while experiencing no debilitation.

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Первые доклинические результаты свидетельствуют о перспективности лечения эндометриоза с помощью дихлорацетата натрия

Numbers show endometriosis affects about 190 million (10%) women and girls of reproductive age across the globe. Approximately one in 10 women in the world will develop endometriosis at one point in their lives. In the US, at least 11% of women (over 6.5 million) have endometriosis.

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