Q: Where is this drug made? Where can I get some? Thank you, Maureen R.

A: Hello, Maureen.
The drug is made in various places. Some manufacture it in China and other suppliers resell it, some produce it in Europe, some of the DCA is made in North America.

The quality of each product differs, we recommend you checking all of the available suppliers below:
These are the quality analysis we have done:

If you have some understanding of chemistry, you can check out the chemical analysis of each different brand DCA.
Anion chromatography charts of every available product:
DCA-LAB Sigma-Aldrich Pure DCA Pharma DCA

There are some options available on Amazon.com, most of the products here are trustworthy:

Avoid buying Sodium dichloroacetate that has a higher impurity percentage as these impurities tend to be harmful and can cause new problems if used for prolonged periods of time. Clean, high-grade DCA can be used for years without any worries, provided that you follow the correct dosing rules and administration times.

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