Q: Is your group still in existence? Do you have any information on DCA quality since 2018? Have you discovered who is behind “Certified DCA”, whether it is really a pharmaceutical grade product, and whether its purity is as they claim? Elizabeth

A: Dear Elizabeth,
thank you for your email. Yes, our group is still in existence. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been less active lately. We are still following the global situation on DCA manufacturing. Unfortunately, a lot of Sodium dichloroacetate suppliers have remained completely the same or have taken a step back in terms of the quality of their services.

Many popular DCA suppliers have abandoned this molecule due to the recent inactivity of clinical trials with Sodium dichloroacetate. This was partly caused by the Corona virus pandemic, since all the attention and funding were redirected towards solving the Covid-19 crisis.

Nevertheless, the situation should come back to normal in half a year. We noticed that a lot of previously great DCA sellers have developed problems with their sites, customer service quality and delivering the products on time.

Regarding the claims by Certified DCA. Firstly, Sodium dichloroacetate is not registered as a licensed medicine, therefore a pharmaceutical grade product of DCA cannot officially exist. Such claims are false.

Secondly, the quality of their product has not changed since the last time we reviewed them. Therefore, we didn’t feel the need to update their product review.

Lately, their site has been down and it’s not possible to order a new batch of their production. We’ll try to check them whenever it will be possible.
Best regards,
DCA Guide

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