Q: Hi, I was interested in knowing if these studies are still being done in 2018 and if so how can one become a part of these studies. Donyale

A: Hello, Donyale.
We are certain that a lot of studies related to DCA are still being continued till this day. However, clinical research that aims to try out DCA on people diagnosed with cancer is performed more rarely. Such studies require a lot of funding to sponsor the hospitals as well as doctors in order to participate in them.

Since Sodium dichloracetate is a generic drug and no pharmaceutical company can exclusively make profit from their investment in further research, it‘s a little bit harder to find new clinical trials that are searching for participants.

Nevertheless, there have been numerous clinical trials performed in the past. You can also find dozens of clinical cases that showcase successful DCA therapy on cancer patients. You can find these papers in our page: “DCA research”.

If you would like to participate in such studies, your best bet would be to contact an oncologist, which is familiar with Sodium dichloroacetate.

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