Q: Dear DCA guide, I am looking for support with guiding my mother (who is diagnosed with uveal melanoma, stage 3, mets) with start of using DCA. She already started ketogenic diet for some time, but now wants to add DCA with this. However we can’t find any specialist/professional in our region. Can you help us out with this? Regards, Cees.

A: Dear Cees,
we would like to show you a really interesting study about melanoma + DCA Long-term stabilization of metastatic melanoma with sodium dichloroacetate.

To make a long story short, a young man used DCA for a handful of years and it stabilized his melanoma, even shrunk the lymph node metastasis. He finally got better and afterwards added immunotherapy to the treatment. This was a great result, since the previous treatments prior to Sodium dichloroacetate had little to no effect.
Your mother can definitely take DCA with Ketogenic diet for the treatment of Melanoma. It can stabilize as well as treat this type of skin cancer. Also consider talking with your oncologist, maybe he can add immunotherapy or targeted therapy to the picture for even better results.

If you‘re clueless where to start with DCA, you can find a lot of information that you need to know about Sodium dichloroacate for free in our site. Please read it closely. Analysing DCA information is a must.

Also, we advise you following your doctors advise, especially if he’s offering biological therapy for melanoma. You can use the Ketogenic diet and DCA with the conventional treatment options.

Regarding your question about specialists and medical professionals in Europe. There are many specialists and naturopathic clinics in Germany who prescribe Sodium dichloroacetate for cancer. However, we have no contact with them. You will need to find them yourself.

If you have the funds and the time, you can try reaching out Dr. Akbar Khan in Canada. He’s one of the best DCA oncologists in the world. You can find his site here at Medicor Cancer.

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