Q: How do I store DCA, we are in Texas. Is it adversely affected by exposure to air (the powder) ? Thank you. John K.

A: Hello, John.
Thank you for your question. The best conditions in which you can keep your DCA bottle or DCA solution once the container is opened should be away from direct sunlight and at cool temperatures (between 4 °C/39°F and 8 °C/46°F).

At home, the best place to store your DCA solution would be the fridge. You can also store DCA powder or capsules in a dark cabinet at room temperature (between 20 °C/68°F and 22 °C/72°F).

Any DCA product that you keep should be sealed shut as the powder and capsules tend to gather moisture over time which could ruin the product.

If your DCA powder or capsule bottle contains a silica gel packet – keep it inside as it will absorb humidity and protect the quality of your DCA.

The room air can be bad for your DCA, so we advise you to protect the powder from prolonged exposure to oxygen. If possible, keep the bottle closed when you’re not using it.

We hope this answers your question.

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