Q: Can you take this with high dose IV Vitamin C treatments? Daniel

A: Hello, Daniel.
We have followed hundreds of cases where people take DCA to treat their tumors and we noticed that a lot of people take Vitamin C additionally to their anti-cancer regimen.

You should avoid self-medicating with high doses of Vitamin C perorally, because it will not enable you to achieve the concentrations needed to have any effect. The only way to do this correctly, is to have someone give you Vitamin C through intravenous injections.
However, please be cautious. There are dangers. The biggest concerning side effect of high dose Vitamin C is oxalate crystal formation in the kidneys. This can happen after frequent Vitamin C administration in large quantities.

We have found these rare cases in medical journals. One man has been taking huge doses of Vitamin C for a couple of years orally for thyroid cancer relapse prevention and after 2 years he experienced kidney damage due to oxalate crystal formation as a side product from Vitamin C. You should keep this risk in mind and stay alert.

Regarding your question about DCA and high dose IV Vitamin C – we haven’t heard any interactions and we firmly believe that this shouldn’t cause a problem. Both treatments should be well tolerated and have no interactions with one another.

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