Hi, I was just wondering if DCA can help with MS at all?

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if DCA can help with MS at all? Thanks Claire A: Hello, Claire. Unfortunately, there have been no significant studies regarding DCA usage for Multiple sclerosis. We also can't confirm that DCA mechanism could revert the damage MS does to the nerves. As far as our limited knowledge enables us comment on the subject, your best bet would be to use glatiramer acetate + B - interferon (this is a classical choice). The following years were interesting on many disease therapies, as the biological therapy agents have shed light on many disease treatments. Fingolimod (Gilenya) and Dimethyl fumarate seem to be promising new agents that can slow down the progression of Multiple sclerosis. Campath, Rituximab and Ocrelizumab are promising new approaches towards MS. Consult your doctor on the subject. A neurologist would be your best bet. From our personal experience, we have seen people who have regained their ability to walk and live a better life with the help of specific rehabilitation procedures for MS.

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