Question about dca what is better caps or powder?

Q: Question about dca what is better caps or powder thanks, John A: Hey, John. What you prefer - capsules or powder is entirely up to you. We will explain the main things you should consider when deciding what to use: ·Capsules are easier to take. You do not have to make a solution (measure the powder and mix it with room temperature water) to take your DCA. This makes it easier for you to take DCA everywhere you go in the morning or in the evening. You just need to have a bottle with DCA capsules and some water to help swallowing it down. ·Capsules usually are in 333 or 500 mg doses. This means that you can't accurately take your dose if you're trying to be precise. For example: if you weight 72 kg / 158.7 pounds and you're trying to consume 25mg / kg daily (which would be 1800 mg in total), you will have to take more DCA to fulfill your daily needs. You'll need six 333 mg capsules (1 998 mg) or four 500 mg capsules (2000 mg) to reach your daily goal. This means you will be forced to take ~200 mg DCA more every day. We hope you get the idea. ·Powder form is cheaper and you can measure precise doses you wish to consume. You can use any quantity of DCA you like as long as you have a digital scale and know how to use it. ·The Powder form, on the other hand, requires more time as well as effort to be measured and dissolved in water before taking it. For this goal you need a digital scale and basic skills how to accurately measure powder. If you're busy and you can't do this task every morning and evening - it can be a little bit problematic. ·You can always dissolve powder in a bottle or any other container and use a syringe to drink a pre-made solution. This is as easy as taking capsules, it also is the choice we recommend. For example - dissolve 50 g of DCA powder in a 500 ml water bottle. You'll get 100 mg for every 1 ml. If you need to take 900 mg in the morning, just take the 9 ml of the solution you've made and you will have your morning dose. Here‘s a detailed video on how to do it:

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