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How do I know I get the real product? Does DCA has a distinct taste? Nick.


Dear Nick,

thank you for your question. There are several ways how you can make sure that you get a genuine product.
1) Make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier. (You can find our reviewed suppliers on this page:

2) Always make sure that you get a Certificate of analysis (CoA) with your product. This document confirms that the material that you've received is really DCA.
It should also contain information about other impurities in the product. Each CoA is unique for the batch number.
Examples of good CoA:

Examples of CoA that needs improvement


3) The taste and physical properties of DCA are not easily evaluated by non-chemists or pharmacists. It should be: white powder, soluble in water with no traces. The taste is similar yet a little bit different to baking soda (with some bitterness).

We hope this helps.
Best regards,