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What is the most up to date information regarding the safety of using DCA in a
patient with colorectal cancer? Is there reason to believe it could amplify
the cancer rather than help reduce it? Robert.


Dear Robert,

We have heard no reports that DCA could amplify any kind of cancer. Do you receive any radiation or chemotherapy ? If you're receiving the traditional FOLFOX (leucovorin + fluoruracil + oxaliplatin) regimen,
please keep in mind that DCA could even improve the efficacy of this treatment when in combination.
(as mentioned in our article

Please also check a clinical case report by Dr. Akbar Khan - This is a real life example that even in advanced stage disease, Sodium dichloroacetate has the potential to prolong life without impacting a patient’s quality of life, as compared to chemotherapy with its frequent debilitating side effects or compromise in physiological function. The 57 year old female had 4 years of stabilized colon cancer without any signs of progression. This is an astonishing result when we take the fact that this treatment had nearly no signs of toxicity. Please look up our long guide on how to take and to dose DCA correctly if you're interested in this regimen.

As always, don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Hope this helps.