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Dear Sir/Madam,

Cancer took most part of the liver (3/4) but still not completely gone, we are still going to give DCA as this is our last hope, but we are also going to give some vitamins specifically for the liver. Should we give these vitamins or not? In your website, it seems it is encouraged to give.

Is there any recommended dosage for Silymarin? I found this supplement below in Turkey, they recommend 1 capsule a day, and it has %80 silymarin, but I couldn't be sure if it is enough in our case.

Thank you very much,
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Dear Kurtulus,

Thank you very much for reaching us out. Adult dosage in terms of hepatoprotection is 420 mg/day of extract (standardized to 70-80% silymarin) three times a day. I would advise to take 3 capsules a day, one at the morning, second at midday and the last one with the last meal in the evening.