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I learned about your existence via the DCA company as I forwarded a question to them they aren’t entitled to answer.  I hope you Might enlighten me on my query.

I was removed half a lung having a lung tumour ( dec 2018). I refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy and started DCA as part of a natural alternative therapy via food and other healthy disciplines.

I have been taking DCA for some 3 months now; my weight is 51 kg and I took 1 DCA tablet daily in the morning until a few weeks ago ; to lower the side effect of trembling and coordination ( I had some ) I take benfotiamine (300mg/day) and lipoic Acid (not R+)( ordered it now for the future ) 3x200mg/day.

My first scan beginning of April was clear; the next one in July showed a lymph node 24mm in the top part lung ; thé doctor tought my cancer wanted to re-emerge to the lymph system. I’m not followed by a oncologist as he dropped my case since I refused chemo and radiotherapy. France is very traditional and even hostile towards my sort of attitude.

I have had no new scan since and carry on doubling now the dosis : One tablet in the morning, One tablet in the evening.  2 weeks on and one week off. My monthly  blood tests are rather very satisfying and carried out by my general practitioner.

I have not taken this supplement together with the DCA as an optional 3 rd supplement - I read that this acetyl carnetine could also cause weight loss. I would love to gain weight ... Your opinion on this ?

Thanks for whatever advise you can give and light you can shed on my query.
Yours, Josiane


Dear Josiane,

Thank you for your e-mail.

You can surely do the DCA protocol without Acetyl L-Carnitine. In our honest opinion, it is the least important supplement out of the three. However, there are some studies that prove that Acetyl L-Carnitine could help avoid DCA side effects for the nerve system. (Ref1.), (Ref2.), (Ref3.)

There is limited evidence that Acetyl L-Carnitine provides significant weight loss, in fact, there is still no significant evidence that it could cause measurable weight loss. (link)

Acetyl L-Carnitine is nothing to be afraid of. It is found in animal products and is consumed by humans every day. As we understood, you are semi / full vegetarian, so taking a little bit of L-Carnitine could even prove beneficial for you since you get reduced amounts of it from your diet.

As always, if you're too scared to do something or feel uncomfortable, take smaller doses or avoid taking it altogether. The stress and dire feelings that come with it are too big of a price to pay for the benefits.

However, if you feel more calm about L-Carnitine - please take it as recommended on our page or by your doctor.

We have been talking with people about these subjects for at least 3 years and we have never heard that L-Carnitine caused someone problems.