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I would like to discuss DCA treatment as as soon as possible.  My father has recurring non hodkings lymphoma - which is being treated with R-CHOP. After treatment, my dad experienced CDiff and is now in the hospital. There are currently other complications and he has liver sarosis. R-CHOP is not the answer. We need to seek alternative solution. I would like to discuss this with someone. Best, Inessa


Hello, Dear Inessa.

If you want a consultation with one of the best DCA specialists in the world - try reaching Dr. Akbar Khan at Medicor Cancer. Clostridium Difficile is probably a result to suppressed immunity (Rituximab side effect).

If the doctors diagnosed Liver failure - your dad should take DCA intravenously (this could only be done in clinics) and not by mouth. If one has a weak - damaged liver, Dichloroacetate can worsen it's health even further. Therefore, one must monitor the elevation of liver enzymes when taking DCA.

Now about DCA and Non-Hodkin's lymphoma, as you have already noticed - we have a big article on that: DCA and Cancer: Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cured in 4 months (Case presentation)

Please read it carefully.  After you're done reading it - please find time to read these two scientific studies based on this case report:
1) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate (Case Report)
2) Complete response with DCA in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after disease progression (Case report)

This is most of the available information on DCA and Non-Hodkin's available currently. You can share it with doctors or other specialists.