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I am suffering from prostate cancer stage 2 for 7 years. Start tacking DCA 500mg 3 Times à day for 6 weeks ( at the end of the month). Will check my PSA on the 30 of August 2018. In case of positif result want to continue the treatment for another 2 months. My supplier was Pharmacy DCA for quick delivery from Uk. I am thinking of  DCA -LAB for the next shipment. I am also taking ARTEMISIA ANNUA FORTE 3 Times a day. Can you advice me please
Best regards,Roger.


Dear Roger,
Yes, unfortunately, Prostate cancer hits a lot of men in the whole world. Please check your PSA and find out if it has increased or decreased. An imaging scan or intrarectal sonography could also be helpful in deciding whether the treatment is working. Also, please follow your doctors advise as a primary guide.

Also, here is some literature about DCA and prostate cancer:
Dichloroacetate (DCA) sensitizes both wild-type and over expressing Bcl-2 prostate cancer cells in vitro to radiation.