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For stage 4 it recommends DCA be taken constantly.  Does this mean without breaks? For how long, I'd guess until markers are normal and no need to continue. Or do you recommend continuing as a preventative. Please clarify. Thanks, Dana


Hello, Dear Dana.
Sorry for the late reply. We were really busy this summer.

For Stage 4 - it means that you still need to make breaks, otherwise peripheral neuropathy can ''kick-in" more swiftly. If one has Stage 4 cancer, he should continue the treatments that are given by the oncologist.

In such stage it will probably be chemotherapy. DCA is also a drug which effects the whole body systemically, in every site there is. If there is still enough strenght, one can try doses between 25 - 50 mg/kg daily. Try one of the schemes:

The newer one: A. 2 weeks of DCA intake + a week break from DCA.
The older one: B. 5 days of DCA intake + a 2 day break from DCA.

(more about it here - guide#DCA%20administration%20schedule)

Cancer markers are one of the main ways to follow the progress / regress of the tumor advancement.  If they drop, it might mean that the malignancy is shrinking. If they drop back to the normal levels, one must also have imaging scans performed - just to make sure if all the metastasis are gone.  Afterwards, DCA can be used as a preventative for relapse if desired, in doses lower than before (e.g. 12,5 - 25 mg/kg daily).