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What is the beginning  daily dosage of DCA  for a person weighing  220lbs? (BMI ideal weight 183-185bs)? How much Vitimin B1 and how often? Thank you. Charles.


Hello, Charles.

All of your answers could be answered in these pages: DCA dosage and usage (Long guide) and Methods and supplements for preventing DCA side effects.

For someone who is 220 lbs, for the first cycle(two weeks) take 1000 mg of DCA (500 mg before breakfast and 500 mg before dinner). Then if you feel okay move on to 25 mg / kg - you can get your daily dose in our site via the calculator. Also, take Vitamin B 1 three times a day. 100 mg in the morning, then 100 mg midday and 100 mg during dinner.

Consider adding ALA and L-Carnitine to your DCA regimen.