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Can you take this with high dose IV Vitamin C treatments? Daniel


Hello, Daniel.

We have followed hundreds of cases of DCA use.

However, as far as we know - the only concerning side effect of high doses of Vitamin C is oxalate crystal formation in the kidneys.

We have heard these very rare cases in conferences of Pathology. One man has taken huge doses of Vitamin C for a couple of years orally for thyroid cancer prevention and after 2 years experienced kidney damage due oxalate crystal formation from Vitamin C. You should keep this possible overdose risk in mind.

Regarding your question about DCA and high dose IV Vitamin C - we haven't heard any interactions and we strongly believe that this shouldn't cause a problem. The both treatments should be well tolerated.

If you want to be entirely sure, the best specialist in Canada is probably Dr. Akbar Khan. He should know the answer for sure.