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Hello. So is selling verified high purity DCA by an independent lab? Is it safe to take? What dose. Thanks. Dan


Hello, Dan.

As far as we know, their DCA is off high quality. Over >99,9%.

There is a quality comparison in our site where we compare the most popular DCA suppliers:

You can find a detailed quality analysis of each brand via the use of anionic and gas chromatography.

We rated highly two suppliers:

-DCA Lab (they're an independent lab who specializes solely on high quality synthesis of Sodium dichloroacetate),

-Sigma-aldrich (they're a big company in Germany who manufactures a lot of chemical compounds. Their DCA is also of high quality).

They also have a listing on which states that their product is 99.9% pure.
Molbase rating of Curaltus

So to answer your questions – sell verified high purity Sodium Dichloroacetate.

DCA is safe to take in most of the cases (however, we wouldn't recommend it for someone with severe liver failure. This is also true with most of substances and drugs).

Depending on the purpose, the dose varies. For Myalgic encephalomyelitis doctors recommend taking 6,25mg/kg of DCA daily. For alternative cancer treatment specialists recommend taking 12,5 mg - 50 mg/kg of DCA daily, depending on the situation.

If side effects do occur - a simple break from DCA for a couple of days - a couple of weeks relieves the adverse reactions and everything is back to normal.