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Taking DCA 2 week on with 1 week off I understand... How long term can a person take the DCA, 6 months, year ? Kreuzman.


Dear Mr. Kreuzman,

There are no official guidelines on how long DCA should be taken. There have been documented reports of people taking DCA for 4 years ( In some clinical studies, children have been taking DCA even for a longer time.

This really depends on how the person tolerates the molecule, whether there are liver, kidney diseases or pre-existing nerve damage and the need to take DCA.

Some people take it for years to keep themselves in remission. Our suggestion would be:

- Stop taking DCA if you experience side effects (till they resolve),
- Stop taking DCA if you have liver function deficiency or experience liver enzyme elevation by 50 %,
- Take DCA till you treat the problem or you want to maintain remission.

Please don't forget to take the neuro-protective supplements such as Vitamin B1, Alpha-Lipoic acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine.