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Hi, I wonder if any of the top rated DCA suppliers listed on your website can directly ship sodium DCA to mainland China. My aunt has been diagnosed with glioma three months ago but her family refuses to use surgery or chemotherapy due to the concern over cost, lack of efficacy and severe side effects. She tried radiotherapy but the radiotherapy doesn't work well. So we thought to give DCA a try. Much appreciated if you can help me with my request.
Thank you.


Hello, Dan.

Yes, we believe that most of the listed DCA suppliers should be able to ship directly to China. The top two suppliers get orders from all over the world, including India, South Korea, Japan and so on.

You can also try looking at amazon:

We're glad that you've found this alternative solution because there are limited choices today for treating gliomas. We've seen studies recently that partial and not whole brain radiotherapy serves as a better alternative these days.

Regarding DCA, we've personally seen that brain tumors are one of the most responsive cancer types to Sodium dichloroacetate.

Also, we should prepare an article which discusses the possibility of combining DCA with radiotherapy for better results.