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I would like to purchase from dca labs as it is quite a good price compared to others, however I want to make sure that it is ok for human consumption?
Can you take DCA with high dose IV Vitamin C treatments?
Hello. So is selling verified high purity DCA by an independent lab? Is it safe to take?
Should we continue and disregard once a day diarrhea? We are taking it low as far as the dosage calculator is concerned.
Could you kindly specify what blood tests should be done and frequency of testing once the treatment has begun?
Regarding using DCA, is there any side effect concerning kidneys, would it result in kidney failure, what dosage should we use as he is at the last stage?
How long term can a person take the DCA, 6 months, year ?
I was interesting in knowing if these studies are still being done in 2018 and if so how can one become a part of this studies?
I wonder if any of the top rated DCA suppliers listed on your website can directly ship sodium DCA to mainland China?
Have you had proven positive results for AML?
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