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We are still going to give DCA as this is our last hope, but we are also going to give some vitamins specifically for the liver. Should we give these vitamins or not? Is there any recommended dosage for Silymarin?
Can I order DCA directly from DCA-LAB? If so, how do I place an order?
I have not taken this supplement together with the DCA as an optional 3 rd supplement - I read that this acetyl carnetine could also cause weight loss. I would love to gain weight ... Your opinion on this ?
I would like to discuss DCA treatment as as soon as possible. My father has recurring non hodkings lymphoma - which is being treated with R-CHOP. I would like to discuss this with someone.
My supplier was Pharmacy DCA for quick delivery from Uk. I am thinking of DCA -LAB for the next shipment. Can you advice me please?
I am looking for support with guiding my mother (who is diagnosed melanome uveal) with start of using DCA. However we can't find any specialist/professional in our region. Can you help us out with this?
Does anyone know if Kisqali is compatible with DCA? Or even complimentary? Do you know of any clinics/practices in Australia competent in administering this drug?
For stage 4 it recommends DCA be taken constantly. Does this mean without breaks ? For how long ?
How long can i use DCA after the package has been opened? Does it go out off date quicker when it is exposed to air?Do you suggest taking metformin together with DCA?
What is the beginning daily dosage of DCA for a person weighing 220lbs ? How much Vitimin B1 and how often?
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