[Video] How to measure Dichloroacetate. The common method.


We would like to show you one of the ways to accurately measure the powder of Sodium Dichloroacetate and how to dissolve it to make a solution.

Afterwards, the solution can be taken in the morning or in the evening as a part of your anti-cancer regimen.

In short, the video explains how to:

• Calculate the correct dose of DCA you should be taking.
• Detailed steps for making a daily Dichloroacetate solution for morning and evening use.
• A quick summary about the best conditions in which you can store a solution like this.

We hope this video will be helpful.


Ingi A.
Posted: 13 February 2019
I take Vit B1 250mg Thiamine with every 500mg DCA capsule and have not experienced any neuropathy
DCA Guide
Posted: 23 April 2018
Dear, Al Sames, You've experienced reversible peripheral neuropathy (based on your description of hand tremor). To reduce and eliminate the side effects you should stop taking Sodium dichloroacetate for some time and take a break. The break should take at least one week. If you feel that the hand tremor is gone, you can take DCA again. If you wish to reduce the probability of side effects when using DCA, please consider taking Vitamin B1, Alpha Lipoic acid in R+ form and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Vitamin B1 and ALA are necessary supplements when taking Sodium dichloroacetate. Also, consider trying the newer DCA intake schedule: 2 weeks of DCA intake + a week break from DCA. This means you take DCA for 14 days and take no DCA for 7 days. Then you repeat. Newer studies suggest that this is a more effective scheme which enables you to achieve higher effective DCA concentrations in the body and also give it enough time to flush DCA out of your system. We hope this helps. Sincerely.
Al Sames
Posted: 2 April 2018
I am a 76-year-old male. I weigh 225 polls are you taking I am a 76-year-old male. I weigh 225 Pounds. I’m was Taking 500 Capsule. I had to stop after two months because my hands begin to shake badly. Am I tickle to watch? What should I reduce it to .? It was helping me.